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I have 15 formal Bonsai trees ranging from 5-25 yrs old which include conifers, deciduous', tropicals, and shrubs. i try and buy one of everything and i dig up whatever i can find. if you want to get into bonsai quickly, find the book call POP BONSAI by Lisa Tajima. go out and buy a little rosemary shrub, prune it down and expose the branches and you're on your way.

Friday, June 11, 2010


This is not a question as to where to keep your tree, it is a matter of what that tree is most accustomed to. the word "indoor" simply means that this tree is accustomed to warmer, tropical climates. When kept indoors, it is easy to maintain the temperature it is used to. Mold growing on dirt is a problem. It really depends on which tree is in question. Humidity is another story, but it can be accomplished easily.

Dollar Store Humidity Tray: this is the simplest humidity tray to make. it will cost you a whopping $2! Simply buy a shallow serving tray and a cookie cooling rack. tape em' together, fill em' with water, make sure your cat doesn't drink the water, and you're all set. evaporation will do the rest.

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