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I have 15 formal Bonsai trees ranging from 5-25 yrs old which include conifers, deciduous', tropicals, and shrubs. i try and buy one of everything and i dig up whatever i can find. if you want to get into bonsai quickly, find the book call POP BONSAI by Lisa Tajima. go out and buy a little rosemary shrub, prune it down and expose the branches and you're on your way.

Monday, June 14, 2010

showing the kids the real world.

moved my maple sprouts "out in the open" to accompany the rest of my collection. these were little guys i dug up from the ground earlier this spring when they were wee little lads. now the tallest ones are topping 6 inches which is good for just sprouting up a couple months back. they like to grow as a group. as a gardener at PJG said, "the seeds sprout and the roots join up and communicate." awwe the trees help each other grow up. isn't that sweet?

so they have been in an alleyway facing west getting plenty of sun and protection from the wind. now they're in my yard on a western wall, facing north, east, and south, but not west. there's more wind exposure but not enough to scorch them. wind scorch by the way is a leading killer of maples so i wanted to move them out in the open to toughen them up a bit. more sun and circulating air will benefit them.

anyway i'm out. off to teach my Windows mom how to use her first Macbook.

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