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I have 15 formal Bonsai trees ranging from 5-25 yrs old which include conifers, deciduous', tropicals, and shrubs. i try and buy one of everything and i dig up whatever i can find. if you want to get into bonsai quickly, find the book call POP BONSAI by Lisa Tajima. go out and buy a little rosemary shrub, prune it down and expose the branches and you're on your way.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ah books...

the thing with bonsai is that it's so diverse and everyone says something different. you'll get conflicting advice and contradicting information. but the valuable thing is that everyone has a secret that they accidentally write in their book that ends up benefitting your trees. you just gotta read em all and see what they say. many of them have species lists with detailed info about all the trees and if you buy one in the books, they each give you valuable hints.
on a second note...i should post profiles of my trees. at least then i have all my tips in one jar so to speak.
*Found at the Japanese Garden Gift Store
*Beginning Bonsai by Shirley & Larry Student
-elementary. its easy to buy a pot.
Growing Bonsai-A Practical Encyclopedia by Ken Norman
-name says it all. great species profiles.
$8 @ Powells
*Bonsai with Japanese Maples by Peter Adams
-awesome book but has advanced techniques that take decades to accomplish.
*Totally Bonsai by Craig Coussins
-has two excellent charts detailing what to do each month. very helpful.
*Bonsai Survival Manual by Colin Lewis
-When Bonsai ATTACK!!!
*Pop Bonsai by Lisa Tajima
-awesome ideas. growing a grapevine from a ukulele?
*Classic Bonsai of Japan by the Nippon Bonsai Association
bring out the big guns. these are the top trees in the world. 500 years old!!!
Bonsai-A Care Manual by Colin Lewis
$9 @ Powells
(meh) Herbal Bonsai by Richard W. Bender
*Post-Dated by Michael Hagedorn
diary about a crazy bonsai monk


  1. Hey, this is great blog! Looking forward to seeing some images posted of your bonsai.

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